Hi I'm Jamie /sevenism /sev

I tend to post shorter pieces over here


I wanted to use this capsule for longer gemlogs that have a clear subject paired with a photo

I love coffee. I have a gaggia classic espresso machine that has had a lot of servicing. I could've bought a much better machine the amount I've spent on it.

First thing I do when I wake up is turn the machine on. I have a double espresso then a kind of small americano with milk.

I like the ritual of waiting for the machine to heat up, grinding beans, tamping, and wrenching the arm tightly onto the machine.

I try and limit how much I drink and I've decided that every 3 hours is acceptable.

Then the addicted part of me makes two doubles at once.

Then the killjoy makes half caff / half decaf

I haven't found any cheap decaf beans so what I do is get decaf ground coffee and re grind it through the burr grinder for a finer espresso grind. I've decided this freshens up the coffee.

I was interested to read about using a popcorn maker for roasting, but I'm not sure I'll try that.


I do use filtered water and I find that gives a clarity, almost a sharpness, to the flavour.

We're away for a few days and I've just got a cafetiere with me. I like big strong sludgy coffee made this way, and I put up with the silt. I wish I'd've brought the moka pot: usually when I've been away there are convection rings, but we're actually cooking with gas here.

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